CEO Aman Halth

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Head Of Sukh Initiative

Sukh Initiative is a demand and supply project where we increase at one end the demand for the family planning services in the community and at the other end we are improving service at the public and private sector.

Sukh Initiative is a unique project since its inception to date; we are working with our Implementing Partners and the public sector ensuring that all the lessons learnt and practices developed are internalized, and that these behavior norms are promoted in the communities which become established.

We have Aman Community Health Programme (ACHP), that is working in the non-covered Lady Health Worker (LHW) area providing door to door counselling services, referrals and do follow ups of the Married Women of Reproductive Age (MWRA). The link between all this demand and supply is our Aman Telehealth service provision. Aman Telehealth provides both referral linkages and also counselling

Sukh Initiative’s work with the youth is also an exciting intervention where we not only provide basic lessons on life (scale basis) but also ensure future generations are more conscious of the challenges they face and the role they can play (specially) in addressing the population dynamics.

Clearly understanding Sukh’s unique niche, the rapidly changing contexts in which we operate and the opportunities that these present, will help us to build a resilient and sustainable project, which stays true to its vision and adapts to change while supporting resilience in society at large and for our systems.

I take this opportunity to offer my appreciation to each and every person of the Sukh Team, our Implementing Partners and Aman Health Care Services for all their support.

Thank you all for your hard work over the past couple of weeks in development of the website for Sukh Initiative. I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Syed Saad Hasan (IT Department, Sukh Initiative), Bilal Hayat, Saad Khurshid, Fahad Asadullah (IT Department, Aman Foundation) and Center for Communications Programme Pakistan (CCPP) our implementing partner, for the design and layout. It is, as always, an honour and a pleasure to work with such dedicated and professional teams.

We at Sukh will be more then pleased to have your comments and take your questions. Do reach us out at