Sukh Initiative's key activities enable the program and communities to connect and facilitate the delivery of information, services, guidance and counseling.

The key activities of the program include, and are not limited to:


Door to Door Service

Door-to-door services provide delivery of information, counseling and basic health support in the program coverage area through the mobilization of a network of community health workers, community health supervisors, community representative groups, as well as community advisory committees.



These complement the door-to-door service through a direct channel approach of running a 24/7 telehealth helpline service (a 24/7 through Aman Telehealth.

Life Skills Based Education

This activity provides Life Skills Based Education to the youth in the target areas through various means and outreach strategies.

Access & Quality of FP Services

Strengthening public and private sector family planning services through capacity building and support

The program engages with local leaders, civil society stakeholders, donor agencies and policy makers at local, provincial, national and regional levels with an aim to sensitize the need for greater focus on family planning and reproductive health in the society and creating enabling environment.

Strategic Communication

Strategic communications builds engagement with stakeholders to develop strong relationships using a multi channel approach. This assists the program in achieving its goals by contributing to its overall objectives and supporting external communications activities using proactive methods to engage and inform.